About C4ISTR Incorporated

About C4ISTR Incorporated

C4ISTR Incorporated is an aerospace systems service provider, delivering a turn key Capital Acquisition Program Management, Aerospace Engineering and cradle to grave aerospace asset management. We are based out of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

What is in a name?

Pronounced "Sea Forester", C4ISTR is both an acronym and a metaphor of our company's formation.

C4ISTR Incorporated was formed from a desire to boot-strap the CMA Project to replace the Canadian Forces' CP140 Aurora long range patrol aircraft. In searching for a potential name for the aircraft, or at least a project code-name, this name fit as "Sea Forester". In the medieval period, a Forester "usually held a position equal to a sheriff or local law enforcer and was responsible for patrolling." For us the term Sea Forester began to be thought of as the Sheriff of the Seas, a role befitting the replacement of the CP140 Aurora.

The expanded acronym is related to key domains of military aircraft mission systems:

    • Command

    • Control

    • Communication

    • Computers

    • Intelligence

    • Surveillance

    • Targeting

    • Reconnaissance

The word "Incorporated" is both the legal element in the company name and represents our specialty in the incorporation or integration of the above domains.

Banner, Colours and Logo

The C4ISTR Incorporated banner and logo combine the elements forming the symbols of the company's core business. The Font is reminiscent of military labelling in popular culture. The colours represent the air force (blue), navy (dark blue), army (green) and special forces (black). The colours blend together into purple, representing joint and combined operations. The goal of C4ISTR systems is to shorten the chain and time between sensing events and action through integration and interoperability.


C4ISTR Incorporated will deliver exemplary systems and software engineering services to the aerospace community, integrating cutting edge tactical aviation sensors to all levels of operations.


To become the exemplary governmental capital acquisition program management and aerospace engineering service provider, leveraging industry best practices to maximize our customer's flexibility and effectiveness while minimizing risks and costs.

Company Principals

    • Leverage

        • Advanced Tools

          • Leverage the most current web technologies

          • Employ Distributed and Virtual Real-time Collaborative Work Environments

          • Maximize Open Source technologies and give back to the community

          • Select Exemplary Tool-sets

        • Employ Best Practices

          • CMMI, PMI

          • SWEBoK, PMBoK, SEBoK

    • Seek Sustainability of Customer and Company

    • Maintain Integrity, adopting our customer's values through our work-flows

    • Assure Independence

    • Integrate for depth and breadth of experience and capabilities

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